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  • Dipstick 39 L

Dipstick 39 L

  • $119.99

The DIPSTICK is a perfect storm. Have you ever wanted a rod long enough to stand while jigging for panfish? This is the ideal hole hopping rod, but also shines being used for a set line. the sensitive tip is sure to be seen moving when a fish grabs your bait. 


Handcrafted in the USA 


 Rod                        Action+ Length                    Recommended Species

MAVOTAUR XL              40 H                                Pike/Lake Trout/Walleye

MAVOTAUR                    36 H                                Walleye/Pike/Eelpout/Trout

THE MURDA                   38 M                                          Walleye/Trout 

SLAPSHOT                       32 M                                       Walleye/Bass

ROYAL FLUSH                35 ML                            Crappies/Bass/ Finesse Walleye 

PERIC POPPER               30 ML                              Crappies/Bass/ Finesse Walleye 

DIPSTICK                    39 L (Noodle)                           Deadstick/Panfish 

SOBI SIZZLE              28 L (Noodle)                         Bluegills/Crappies


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